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A massage to deliver the benefits of both a physical and mental transformation to allow for better life balance. Located in Bel Air, Maryland with easy on-line appointments.
Services and Rates

Swedish Massage

30 minute $40      60 minutes $70        90 minutes $100

A relaxation massage designed to relieve muscle tension and stress, increases serotonin levels, stimulates circulation which will gradually break-up muscle adhesions "knots" to release trapped toxins and ultimately delivers complete mind and body relaxation.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

    60 minutes $90      90 minutes $130      120 minutes $170

A gentle massage which is intended to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph fluid from tissues within the body.  MLD uses only a small amount of pressure (less than 9 ounces per square inch) along with long gentle movements in the direction of the lymph nodes to increase flow.  Manual lymphatic drainage stimulates vital functions of the skin, tissues, and internal organs to assist in unclogging, moving and eliminating cellular waste, swelling and pain in a natural way.  This natural detoxification will lead to the stimulation of cell rejuvenation and healing.  MLD is a very relaxing massage which will encourage the nervous system to switch to the parasympathetic state ultimately allowing mind and body healing.


Subtle Energy Body Balancing

30 minutes $40         60 minutes $70

Energy healing stimulates the energy flow in and around the body.  When an imbalance occurs in the flow of the energy then illness will follow.  It is therefore necessary to restore energetic balance to create healing.  To facilitate this process the practitioner will gently place their hands on or around you to transmit the healing energy to remove, restore and balance the body, mind and spirit energy fields according to what God's infinite wisdom knows is needed at this time.  Please dress in comfortable clothes for the session.  Energy healing sessions can also be an add-on service to any other modality as well.  Please feel free to read a more through explanation of the energy body by clicking Energy Body on the left-side task bar.


Hot Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

60 minutes $90        90 minutes $130

A Swedish massage that incorporates the use of hot Himalayan Salt Stones into the massage to deliver heat to the muscles and stress points of the body.  This practice has been used by ancient healers for nearly 5000 years.  Himalayan Salt Stones contain 84 naturally occurring minerals.  These minerals provide a gentle exfoliation on the skin leaving  it smooth and soft.  The stones also radiate far infrared heat along with negative ions which helps to balance a body with too many positive ions.  The excess of positive ions leads to inflammation.   The heat allows for better muscle relaxation leading to strengthened energy flow and the minerals within the stones allow for better release of toxins within the body tissues to help purify the body and mind.  Not recommended for pregnant women and people with high blood pressure or diabetes.


Bamboo Fusion

60 minutes $80       90 minutes $115

A relaxing massage session using both warm and room temperature bamboo canes of various lengths and diameters which glide across the skin using a small amount of oil.  The bamboo is able to accomplish both relaxing therapeutic strokes and deeper firmer strokes to relieve muscle tightness, pain and stiffness.


ASMR Massage (Auto Sensory Meridian Response)

60 minutes $70

ASMR became very popular on YouTube to help people relax through auditory and tactile sounds.  This in person session has been created to provide this unique form of relaxation which will mainly focus on gentle massage to the head, face and neck but can be customized according to your specific needs.  ASMR will be achieved with external triggers combined with various massage techniques to cause localized deep relaxation and tingling sensations of the skin.  Various massage tools could include stones, bamboo sticks and brushes along with softly spoken voice, inaudible words, tapping, tapotment and effleurage strokes.








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