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The Subtle Energy Body

The Energy Body

             I am privileged  to be a conduit of God's healing gifts to assist in delivering His healing energy.  I participate in this beautiful process with the use of my perception to manipulate energy and my intuition to guide me during the session.  I am ultimately not the one who chooses the path of healing because every person is different and only God's infinite knowledge and plan will deliver precisely what He knows one needs at this time.

           To understand the basis of energy and how it works as it is stated in the Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy, “We are made of energy.  Everything in the world is made of energy, which can be defined most simply as information that vibrates.  This energy may express itself as patterns, sound, skin, or thought, but it is all energy.  Even though they are imperceptible to the five senses, they do exist.”  We have an energy system that consists of the subtle energy and physical energy.  These complex systems move this energy through various channels both inside and outside our bodies such as the meridian channels – body’s energy pathways, chakras – body’s energy centers, auric fields – body’s energy atmosphere, to name just some.

            Chi is vital energy, it is the force that animates and creates everything.  Basically everything is energy.  Energy exists as light, heat, sound, mass, moving objects, chemicals, electricity, it is everywhere.  Every cell in the body emits electricity.  Every breath we take, every muscle we move has energy.  Our memories, feelings, emotions, and thoughts have electrical impulses.  Energy that vibrates at a slow frequency is physical matter and energy vibrating at a velocity exceeding light is subtle energy.  Chi is subtle energy that creates all physical matter.

            More than five thousand years ago the Chinese discovered subtle energy channels that flow throughout the body known as the meridian channels.  When a disturbance or imbalance occurs in the flow of the energy then illness will follow.  It is therefore necessary to restore energetic balance to create healing.

            The slow frequency energy of physical matter which created the physical body systems can be encouraged to heal through healing the subtle energy.  The physical body itself can be encouraged to heal through modalities such as massage.  Various modalities exist to assist the subtle energy such as meridian based therapies, acupressure, acupuncture, Qigong, Tai Chi, Chakra healing therapies, sound therapy, and others.

            The chakras are energy organs that move at their own frequency and spins at their own velocity.  They vibrate from inside the physical body to the outside exchanging information through the skin.  The chakra energy is a never ending flow which attracts other energies in the universe which affect the meridian channels, auric fields, the nadis, and other energy systems.

            It is stated best by Cyndi Dale, “The subtle energies that compose the concrete world also create the human body.  The invisible energy fields of the earth do affect our health.  The energies are organized into three main systems – fields, channels, and bodies – the subtle actually instructs physical matter in how to operate.  One could say that we are subtle beings dwelling in the physical universe, rather than the other way around.  By understanding the forces at work inside and outside of the body, the healer can best resolve illnesses and problems.

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